2012 : This was not a good year




We set off down the River Guadalquivir towards the sea, en route to the Med! Passing picturesque shrimp boats.

Disaster strikes – engine stops and won’t re-start - fuel leak. Manage to manoeuvre out of shipping channel to anchor in river behind two shrimp boats. Chris fixes leak and bleeds engine. While tightening bleed screw on injector pump, it sheers off - sickening feeling and very bad news - can fix here

River flowing fast downstream at 5 knots, wind blowing hard upstream at 25 knots. Pretty sunrise while stranded in the river.

Rescue arrives during afternoon breeze – ‘Mara’ from Gelves, with Alfredo and Marina. Tow back upriver to Gelves.

Back where we started. Injector pump out. Working with Ben.

And others – lots of ideas – worn out

Time for a change .. Julia makes new sail cover .. And looks pensive

Finally decide enough is enough. Final meal in Gelves


Engine stripped ready for removal - and out it comes

All ready for new fuel tank and new engine